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    How do I uninstall everything I don't want?

    Pomax Level 1

      How do I uninstall all the things that Photoshop CS6 installs? I don't see a "custom" or "advanced" installer option, but it puts all kinds of things on my computer that I do not want (I only want Photoshop installed). The full installation is 2GB, which is quite a lot (I have a small SSD)


      - Mike

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          Curt Y Level 7

          You can't pick what you want, and it is a terrible idea to delete stuff from PS.  You can achieve a smaller install if you only install one version, say 64 or 32 bit.  But if you want the performance you need the 64bit, and some 3rd (older) party plugins only work in 32 bit mode.

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            Pomax Level 1

            No, it isn't. There are a lot of components that are in no way required for Photoshop to do its job; most of the components listed in http://forums.adobe.com/message/4491237 contribute nothing to Photoshop itself. If you can back up the statement that it is a terrible idea, please do, because that would be valuable information. I've been stripping the Photoshop installer so that it doesn't install cruft for many versions now, and every time someone who doesn't work at Adobe jumps in and goes "you need everything!" without even knowing what is being installed, or how it contributes to Photoshop functioning or not.


            Statements along the lines of "you shouldn't" are welcome, but only if they are accompanied with an expert's explanation of why that might be.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              You're kind out of luck with regard to Photoshop, because even if you do manage to delete things you don't really need, that could affect the automatic update process negatively.


              Photoshop and small system drive don't mix very well I'm afraid.



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                Pomax Level 1

                That's fine, Photoshop updates tend to apply to the suite infrastructure rather than Photoshop itself, so I've had very little reason to upgrade Photoshop itself in the past. I can probably live with having the updater complain or simply not working.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Something you could consider doing, depending on your system's capabilities to plug in another drive:  Back your system up to a System Image, add another SSD to create a RAID 0 array, then restore your image.  You'll have to expand the partition after (not difficult).


                  I have four SSDs in an array that makes up my drive C: myself.  Right now I have 1.1 TB free on C: still.  Windows loves having lots of free space, and the performance improvements one gains by having several SSDs running in parallel are huge.



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                    Pomax Level 1

                    My problem is not that I don't have enough general space available. I actually have 4TB on non-SSD disks that are used for file storage and swap space, and 12GB of ram acting as a ramdisk for working space. I could create a junction and install PS on one of the bigger disks and have it load into the ramdisk on start up, but that doesn't solve the problem at hand, it just creates a workaround situation that pretends the original problem is not important, which to me it very much is.


                    Photoshop requires a huge amount of space because it installs an amazing number of applications that have nothing to do with Photoshop as a stand-alone application, without so much as a hint that it will be installing these things, pretending they're all "Photoshop" in the installer. I don't like programs that install things I never asked for -- to me this is the same as some application installing an IE toolbar: I don't want that nonsense on my computer. And in this case the problem is compounded by the fact that this application's mystery meat doesn't take up a few megs, but takes up at least a gig of disk space on my small, very fast, system disk.


                    So while the thought is appreciated, I'm really only interested in information on how to do a custom install or, failing that, safely (and completely) remove components that are not required for Photoshop to run as a stand-alone application.

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                      Level 5

                      No need to debate the pros and cons here. 


                      The bottom line is that you can't do a custom install of Photoshop, and I know of no safe way of removing any of the files installed by default. 


                      There must be a bunch of more skilled and adventurous hackers out there who can trim down a default installation, and you may want to seek them out by Googling.

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                        Pomax Level 1

                        I'm afraid that that's not a bottom line I'll buy unless someone from the installer team looks in and goes "he's right, we didn't bake that option in anywhere".


                        As for the hackery type people, I'm actually one of those. While I'm waiting for someone to weigh in with authoritative information, I'm still in the process of punching down the install the not-sanctioned way, although unlike some of the other hackery type people, I have no intention of giving others my files (although I will happily tell them how to do the same to their own legal copy of PS). That said, it might very well be that there's actually an install flag that we're just not being told about, for use by (say) IT administrators to effect specific silent installation profiles. Or there might be a set of simple SQL queries that can be executed on Media_db.db (which is just a sqlite 3 database file, and you can inspect yourself with something as simple as a firefox SQLite manager extension) that doesn't lead to the installer complaining that it's been tampered with.


                        So, I appreciate the good intentions, but "it cannot be done" is basically speculation. I don't know if it can be done... it certainly seems like it can't be done, but I don't know that it can't be done, and that's why I'm asking. Unless you work for Adobe and have knowledge of the installer packaging process, it is quite likely that you don't know this either, although you probably share my suspicion that it can't be done (through normal means).


                        Let's hope someone who does know can answer this one =D

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                          Level 5

                          TheRealPomax wrote:


                          …unless someone from the installer team looks in and goes "he's right, we didn't bake that option in anywhere"…


                          LOL !    That is simply hilarious!  The installer team, located half-way around the globe in India, has been an embarrassment even to Adobe execs and a thorn in the side of Photoshop engineers for years and years.  Some of them have publicly and privately hinted at what they would like to do to the members of that remote and seemingly untouchable team.


                          Good luck with that.


                          BTW, I'm not trying to get you to "buy" anything.  The answer I gave you is totally factual:  at this time there's no way to do a custom install, and I know of no way to remove components safely.  A simple thank you would have sufficed. 

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                            Pomax Level 1

                            If you know this for a fact, because you worked on this as an Adobe employee, I will happily thank you, because that's the answer I'm looking for (or at least, one of the two possible ones).


                            However, your profile does not mention you're an Adobe employee, so as far as I can tell, you're just some guy like me. Since I have no authority to make claims about the installer that comes with CS6, I'm certainly not going to trust someone else unless their profile says they're with Adobe. I asked this question for CS5 about two years ago, and got the help from Eric Wilde. That's the kind of thing I'd like to have happen this time round.


                            I'd also like to keep this thread clear of mockery. I asked a question, you didn't have the answer (just a speculation, which in this specific case is not good enough). Perhaps someone else does. Perhaps whoever does, will never see this thread (too bad for me). Perhaps no one does (again, too bad for me). Or, perhaps they will see this thread, and they'll post a definitive answer to the question.


                            And if the execs don't like the installer team, that's okay. They're not really the kind of people that bother with reading forums =)


                            For prospective future posters: please try to keep replies on point. If I don't like your answer, it's either because it's not the answer to the original question, or it lacks authority to underline the answer. Not because I don't like you. I just want this question answered, not guessed at. Unless you're an expert debugger and analysed the installer and found no path branching based on flags or something. Then, of course, you have a pretty good basis to say "it can't be done the normal way" =)

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                              Noel Carboni Level 8
                              TheRealPomax wrote:


                              My problem is not that I don't have enough general space available


                              Your problem is exactly that you don't have enough C: drive space available.  You incorrectly judged that you could use a small SSD for your system drive and that you'd be able to use that system to run Adobe software.


                              I proposed an answer that works, because I have done it myself.  But I encourage you to seek further guidance from Adobe - perhaps they'll be able to suggest something to help.  You really DO want the updater to work, by the way; there's a lot wrong with Photoshop CS6 that's going to be fixed in 13.0.1.


                              I'm really not trying to mock you, but it seems to me a bit penny wise and pound foolish to be worrying over and spending hours of time to try to hack a $600 application into fitting on a system with a too-small system drive, when it would cost just a few hundred more dollars to alleviate the problem in general (and not just for Photoshop).  Windows hates running out of space on drive C:.


                              Do you ever hibernate your system?  If not, you may be able to eliminate quite a few gigabytes in hiberfil.sys from the root folder of your C: drive by disabling the Hibernation feature.


                              If you do try sleight of hand (e.g., mklink) to relocate the application over on another drive, it may work - or you may find that you have unexpected problems.  Yes, it SHOULD work, but I can tell you this:  You're not the first to think of it; there have been others here on the forum who have reported very strange problems (e.g., software that won't run without being run As Administrator) that have boiled down to their having done what you're considering to keep their small system drives from getting overfull.


                              By the way, when you DO get it all installed, I can help you with what parts you can disable from running, so as to keep your system as lean as possible.  There are a lot of components that Adobe starts that really don't need to be run if all you have is Photoshop (not the full creative suite).



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                                Pomax Level 1

                                No, really. When I say "How do I uninstall all the things that Photoshop CS6 installs? I don't see a "custom" or "advanced" installer option, but it puts all kinds of things on my computer that I do not want", that's literally what I mean. Even if I had a 500GB SSD, I still want to know how I either a) make the install not install most of the crap that it secretly installs or b) remove all the components post install again in a way that is equivalent to them never having been installed.


                                I know that last bit makes it look like I'm asking the wrong question, because it might seem like my real motivation is "I don't have enough space". That is not the case, and if I could remove it from the original post I would, since it seems to be throwing you off.


                                If possible, please remove your reply (or edit it to empty) since it's now kind of hijacked the thread's topic. While extremely useful information in other threads, if someone finds this thread through google or another web search, they expect to find information how to uninstall the things CS6 drops onto their disk that they didn't get the choose during installation. Perhaps even a way to make the installer not ever drop those files onto the disk. Information that details how you should just get more disk space and install the full thing anyway is not useful in this thread.


                                I appreciate you trying to help, but I asked this question to get an answer from Adobe to the only question in my post, because they no longer do unpaid customer support. This is my only recourse, and I am only interested in finding an answer to the originally posed question.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Exactly what are the elements, that you wish to remove?


                                  Good luck,



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                                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                                    Sorry, my response has to stay.  You need to accept that there's not going to be a way for you to avoid installing (in your words) "most of the crap that it secretly installs".  Life is not like that, you've bought mass-produced software, it is what it is.


                                    I was willing to help you disable the stuff I have found doesn't need to run, and maybe you could even derive what it is you could delete off your hard drive from that - but hey, with your attitude perhaps I'll just spend my time elsewhere.  Like Bill says, good luck to you.



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                                      Pomax Level 1

                                      Video profiles, dynamic link media server and support, linguistics and winsoft/hunspell linguistics, ideally bridge (minibridge seems baked into CS6, but I have no use for the 'full' version of bridge) pdf library and settings, adobe player for embedding, switchboard, camera profiles and camera raw.

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                                        Curt Y Level 7

                                        I know you will hate this answer, but why spend $600 for a program and then reduce it to a $39 value?


                                        Why not just download a free photo editing software?

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                                          Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

                                          Why not try GIMP? Never used it myself, but I understand you can do allsorts with it and write things for it yourself, and you will not have to waste your money as Curt Y says!


                                          Good luck!

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                                            Pomax Level 1

                                            No, that's a fair question Curt, just with the wrong monetary figures: I spent $199 on a program that I like to use, but I'd like to not be forced into installing all the $0 freebies that come with it for Adobe's (not my) convenience. If I bought the entire creative suite, I would definitely want all these extras installed. Application interoperability and workflow streamlining is great. But not when I only want one program, without any suite, and without the infrastructure placed "in case I want more programs later". In the same vein, I wouldn't want to be given an entire garage if I just want a car. Maybe if I buy more cars. And then as my choice, not the car salesman's.


                                            As for trying Gimp, I keep coming back to it every now and then to see if it's usable enough yet for someone used to Photoshop, but the lack of a master window (still) is frustrating enough to keep driving me back. It's the same reason I don't like Acorn or Piant.net other free image editors of varying levels of serious image editing. Gimp is damn powerful, but its UX clashes with how I use every other program during my workflow. I remember there used to be a GimpShop wrapper, which kind worked as a half-remedy that (it wasn't very polished), but it got abandoned quite a few years ago.


                                            Photoshop's fully worth the $199 I payed for it, and Bridge etc is fully worth the added value when working with a full creative suite. It's forcing all the programs for (2) when I just want (1) that gets my goat. It's the part where "I just want to use Photoshop" gets polluted with "No, no, let us stick 1GB of not-photoshop freebies on your disk, you know, just in case" that extremely bothers me. It's my computer, I'd really like to be offered the choice of what to install, even if you would personally install more things because you use more Adobe programs. (Maybe I'm too European. When a company sells us a product but then over the next few versions keeps taking away choices untill all we're left with is "install everything" or "cancel", we get upset)


                                            But, that's the road they've gone down on, so now I'm looking for ways to mitigate; ideally, at the installer level (from what I can tell at the moment, the only thing standing in the way of getting full custom install control back is getting the right checksum and sig values for the Media_db.db file. Without it, you get to pick all the components, but then once you actually hit install, the installer will refuse to land files because it's been tampered with =).

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                                              Doug.S Level 3

                                              I don't have an SSD but did buy a 2TB C: drive so I could let all my programs install what they may (a few allow me to do a "custom" install)  and I simply accept there is bloat and wasted HDD space....I sleep well not caring about using too much disk space.


                                              Yup, OS startup could be faster, but Ps loads quickly enough.

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                                                bokeron2008 Level 1

                                                I was able to select or deselect any payload with the CS5 installers. No ill consecuences after some experimentation, and I could save A LOT of space.


                                                They key file is, as TheRealPomax points, media_db.db, but instead of deleting it, I edit it with a database browser like SQLite browser. Replacing every "required" and "critical" with "recommended", I was able to do the trick before. Now, I get Adobe Genuine error.


                                                I believe the key file is media_db.sig, where apparently Adobe stores media_db.db filesize, checksum and signature. I don't know where to go from here.


                                                Any idea ?



                                                PS. I don't know why I replied to Doug This message isn't an answer to him.

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                                                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                  bokeron2008 wrote:


                                                  Any idea ?


                                                  Here's one:  Just buy a big enough disk drive, install all the stuff Adobe wants to install, and disable the selected pieces of it you don't need from running using a tool like Autoruns.


                                                  Disk space - yes even SSD space - is simply too cheap to worry over making life so complicated.  And trust me, you don't want to break the Adobe updater - they do good things after the initial software release and send you updates for free.


                                                  I'm serious.  SSD storage is now well under two dollars per gigabyte, and spinning HDD storage is less than one dollar per gigabyte.  How many gigabytes do you really think you're going to save by hacking the Adobe installer?  Even if you're in the food service industry I'll wager you've wasted more money (in time) reading this thread than you'd waste by just installing everything Adobe ships.



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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                    I am just having a tough time getting my head around this "issue," but that is personal. For many years, I would grab the Goodies folder, and install MORE "stuff." Over the last few versions, there seems to be less of use in that, or similar folder(s). That goes back to when HDD's were MFM (of early SCSI), were tiny and very, very expensive.


                                                    If I wanted a smaller footprint, I would have gone to Photoshop Elements, and just not installed the Additional Functional Content.


                                                    To re-code the installer seems like too much work for me, to save a few GB's of HDD real estate, but again, it's personal.


                                                    Still, seems that several do desire that smaller footprint.



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                                                      bokeron2008 Level 1

                                                      I don't understand why is so hard to get this into some of your heads I don't mean it in a bad way, but it gets tiresome after some years


                                                      I have 10tb of disk space, give or take. I KNOW what I'm doing (well, at least to the point where everything I need to use works flawlessly). I don't break ANYTHING, and I prefer to fill those 3Gb I saved "hacking" the CS5 installers with images rather than wasting it with software I will never need or use. Just because you have money doesn't mean throwing it out of the window is a good idea... and HDD space follows the same philosophy. At the end of the day you need 2 disks, I need 1. I prefer to save my money if I can, whether you consider it "cheap" or not.


                                                      So... back to the beginning, any idea apart from "do as Adobe commands" ?

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                                                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                        It's just that I'm having trouble understanding the attraction of "hacking installers" as a hobby.


                                                        I'm as dyed-in-the-wool a computer geek as you'll ever find, but I'm also aware of the meaning of expressions like "penny wise and pound foolish".  You might want to consider that I've already thought through the whole process, and found that in this case "do as Adobe commands" is the best strategy.


                                                        When you want to talk about what stuff you can safely disable, let me know.



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                                                          bokeron2008 Level 1

                                                          I do know what I can disable. I even know what I can leave out of the installation, saving A LOT of space, and keep everything working as I need.

                                                          You may have thought about it... but your conclusion is not mine, and I fail to see the wisdom in answering to someone who's trying to find a way to do something "don't do it". The reasons why I want to do it are irrelevant, and I find people who insist in the "I know better" stance really exasperating when they persist...


                                                          ...so, yes, fine, OK, I'm wasting my time... but can anyone help me to waste it more efficiently solving the issue about the media_db.sig ?

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                                                            Level 5

                                                            There will be endless grief to pay when dealing with updates and other kinds of installers and uninstallers, for anyone who "trims down" his default Ps installation.  Guaranteed grief.  The installer/uninstaller team at Adobe is nowhere sophisticated enough to deal with non-standard installations.

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                                                              Level 5

                                                              bokeron2008 wrote:


                                                              ...I find people who insist in the "I know better" stance really exasperating when they persist...


                                                              It's not all about you, bokeron (what a supremely apt moniker!).  These threads remain here for years.  Those advising not to do what you want do not have just your interests at heart, but those of the many potential readers of this thread in the future as well.


                                                              Just because you start a thread does not mean you own it.  The purpose of the forums is for eveyone to benefit from all questions AND ALL ANSWERS, not just the original poster.

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                                                                Pomax Level 1

                                                                Noel, think of it as an exercise in "this is my machine, I want to control what lands on it". I don't know about bokeron2008, but I installed a full copy of PS on day one - I'm not paying $199 for something to just sit on an install disk/in a .7z file, obviously. That doesn't mean that I don't want to find out how to get rid of it and reinstall it leaner and cleaner next time I need to (say, after a format, or losing a disk. Both not unusual occurrences). Manually pruning components properly is nice (as long as it's properly, not 'deleting files and leaving registry entries and soft dendencies'), but not ever having the files land on the HD is much, much nicer. I did this for previous versions too, installing the full version, while figuring out how to make the install process give me choice, then zipping up that "prepared" version for future installs. It's served me well so far.


                                                                The problem is choice. Adobe's taken it away, and I don't like it. The old Photoshop installers that I know, from version 5 all the way up to CS2, allowed us to pick what we wanted to install. When CS3 came around, Adobe suddenly decided to hide some of the components. However, you could make them show up in with pretty much minimal effort. With CS4 they made it a little harder, but making them show up again was still only a few minutes work. When CS5 rolled out, they pulled a fast one on customers in a way that made you wonder whether they even cared about "customers" anymore, or whether they just cared about bait-and-switch, getting people who liked CS4 to fork over the cash without telling them they gimped the installer up front. That was sneaky. It was a lot of work to make CS5 do what all previous versions had always been able to do.


                                                                Now with CS6, they topped themselves by adding online login requirements during the install process, and a self-validating installer. These are measures you put in to prevent piracy. Ten years ago. Anyone working in IT can tell you, or point you to a plethora of websites that will tell you, that these measures don't work (why yes, I believe I do see at least ten torrents for CS6 on the pirate bay) and yet they've put them in, thus cause grief only to customers who were willing to pay between $200 and $2000 for their product. This just plain stupid, and I'll be damned if I don't give defeating the man a try. You don't get to take away my choice without me trying to jank it right back =)


                                                                I've been using Photoshop since version not-CS 5, and I've seen Adobe adding more and more silly things to the installer, and removing more and more choice, as time's gone by. You can deal with that in two ways. Either you accept that this is the face of Adobe, go with the flow, install CS6 afull, and not worry about it. You have the space, why would you care. That's perfectly fine, I have no business telling you how you should use your computer. But you can also be like me (and presumable bokeron2008) and install CS6 afull, and then keep trying to get back the control that Adobe took away. I would expect you to consider this as perfectly fine behaviour as I consider yours. And I'll happily listen to your solution, and tell others that it's a pretty good solution, as long as you don't tell me that you have determined that what I want, is not what I want, and that what I "really" want is somthing that YOU want me to want (okay that's possibly too many wants, but they're necessary to make a point - I asked a question, you gave me what I didn't feel was an answer, I told you I wanted an answer to a different question you were answer, followed by you basically telling me that I don't know what I want and now you're going to tell me what I should be wanting instead, all but adding a "shut up and pay attention".


                                                                I can sort of see why you would, but it's still just not nice. When you ask a forum question in a forum that Adobe says is the official channel for getting Adobe help short of paying a ludicrous amount of money for support, you don't expect people to shoot your question down because the person replying doesn't understand why you'd want to do what you say you want to do. So that's the only problem I had with your replies.


                                                                Back to the actual issue: if you're happy with manually pruning components every time you install CS6, that's great. You have more patience than I do in the long run, probably. I'm more the kind of person who will bear being frustrated the first time right to the degree that I spend a silly amount of time figuring out how to never have to spend time on something again. If I have to install Photoshop a few times over the next two years, and I can pretty much guarantee I will, since OS reinstalls happen, HDs die, and a new laptop may be bought, I don't want to have to prune the install every time. Unless I absolutely have to, of course, which I won't accept as the definitive approach unless I've been convinced there is no alternative. As it stands, no one's actually showed up to definitively tell me one way or the other. I actually do appreciate the help, and if you still want to explain how to manually uninstall all the components I listed earlier after a full install: awesome! You are a fantastic guy.


                                                                Bill, I used to love the goodies, and used to dig through the discs to find and install each and every one of them, too, all the way until they started turning the goodies into "essential" software dependencies. I didn't like Bridge, not because it wasn't useful, but because it started to force an Adobe-only workflow. My job, my computers, so my philosophy was (and still is) I damn well decide which program talks to which other program. Frankly, if they just made the installer fully opt-in and opt-out for every component, I might even install most of those components because if I can just uninstall them if it turns out I don't like them, the official way. There wouldn't be a reason not to at least try them. Adobe's taken that away from me as paying customer as of CS5, even though the software pirates get to customise as much as they like. Downside of using an outdated copyright protection scheme =(


                                                                bokeron2008: the trick does indeed seem to be finding out which checksum and signature hash Adobe uses for the Media_db.db file - I tried making it load a modified Media_db.db (same deal, simply replaced all critical and required with recommended) when the installer starts up, and then swapping the original Media_db.db file back in once the installer's running, in the hopes of tricking it into checking the hashes from the .sig file against the file on disk, but then the installer won't actualy do anything after you select only the components you want and clicking "next". The button's clickable, but doesn't do anything =)


                                                                I don't recognise the hash print as being any of the common hashing algorithms, so unless someone from Adobe chips in on how it's generated, it might take a while until we find out how to generate them for a modified Media_db.db (if we ever do).


                                                                If anyone else knows: chip in!

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                                                                  Pomax Level 1

                                                                  Station_two: my custom installs for CS3 and CS4 have always updated just fine. I can't speak for CS5 because I skipped that version after trying the trial (it didn't offer enough things I really wanted), but I expect that people who did end up customising that also had no problems. Given that most people I know who used those versions also went with a custom install (because once someone tells you it can easily be done, why wouldn't you) have never reported any problems with the updated, I'm going to have to dispute your claim. The install team, from my talking with Adobe employees, pick whatever is the "safest" set for the installer (this set seems to become bigger each version) because that works on the most systems, but it's a very safe set, on virtually all machines a much smaller set actually works just fine, including getting and applying updates.

                                                                  • 30. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                    bokeron2008 Level 1

                                                                    I'm sorry, but no. They aren't thinking about anyone but themselves and their point of view. They fail to admit any other pont of view as valid, and insist in their stance : "the only logical way to do things is my way".


                                                                    Am I advocating this modifications as something everyone needs ? No

                                                                    Am I saying those who aren't interested in doing it are wrong ? No.


                                                                    So... there's no point in telling me, or others who pretend to achieve something like this, that I better not do it, when I'm perfectly capable of deciding it by myself. If they can't help me, just be respectful and at least don't "admonish" me. I'm fed up with this, every new version I have to endure the same nonsenses once and again.



                                                                    But... whatever. Now that we have the ultimate logical decision revealed to us, can we please really have an answer for everyone who hasn't got an answer yet ? That is, we who want to trim down the install and can't edit the media_db.db because the Adobe Genuine protection thinks we're pirating the software ?

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                                                                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                                      You guys are wasting way too much time and effort on this.

                                                                      TheRealPomax wrote:


                                                                      if you're happy with manually pruning components every time you install CS6, that's great.


                                                                      That would be once.  I don't have to reinstall my operating system or applications.



                                                                      • 32. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                        Level 5

                                                                        It's just ironic that those who are asking about how to do it because they don't know how to are the ones insisting on doing it.

                                                                        • 33. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                          bokeron2008 Level 1

                                                                          That was my original intention, to tell Adobe (once again) that some of us would like more "freedom of choice". Don't modify the installer if you don't find it desirable, it's OK, just let those of us who want to do it manage the consecuences. We're adults after all or so I thought. So, I posted here just to add another voice asking for help... and see if someone at Adobe can help us... or at least expose Adobe's policy regarding this. As I see it, it's not piracy, but it's up to Adobe in any case to decide it.

                                                                          • 34. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                                            It's probably all moot...  Adobe isn't participating in this thread, and I doubt they will.  They're certainly not going to give you instructions on how to hack the installer, and in fact they would probably frown on anyone else sharing how to do it, because that would be stuff pirates would be interested in.


                                                                            I'm probably being seen as a hardass here, but I'm really not - I'd love nothing more than to have (and for you to have) all the choices to avoid installing the stuff you don't want.  It's just that we don't.  I'm no great fan of wasting hard drive space, but dumbing things down is the way of the world.  Don't look now but it's not just Adobe doing it.  We have to learn to go with the flow.


                                                                            Best of luck; maybe you'll find the right combination of stuff to get just the pieces you want installed.  Good luck getting support with a system like that, and I hope the updater works right.  Over and out.



                                                                            • 35. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                              Then it sounds like you made a bad choice initially, and will need to do some coding to get around it.


                                                                              Good luck,



                                                                              • 36. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                                Some are more concerned with using the tools, that they have bought, like Photoshop, to make a living, than with hacking the installer.


                                                                                However, whatever "floats your boat."


                                                                                Good luck,



                                                                                • 37. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                                  bokeron2008 Level 1

                                                                                  Some people can do both things, and somehow even manage to resist the urge to answer a post like yours.


                                                                                  Really, I can't understand why some people need to post these kind of things.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                                    Pomax Level 1

                                                                                    See, I don't get this. Why the hate on what *I* want to do, just because *you* don't want to do the same? Noel: it's my time to waste, why would that even remote get your goat? And Bill, I don't see how spending some of my own free time, like when I'm not actually on the job, to investigate? It's my free time, right?


                                                                                    To both of you: I have no idea where you're getting your preconceptions, but I'm not spending 24/7 trying to hack the tools I use. So far this has taken up an hour or two on the weekend while doing other things at the same time, plus the time required to write posts on this thread. If I'm wasting time on that, then I'm going to have to point out you seem to be spending as much time on this as I am, which makes accusing me of wasting time... hypocritical? I have nothing against you, but you seem pretty damn judgemental about something that REALLY doesn't affect your lives in any way. I want to find an answer that for previous versions of CS is known to exist, maybe someone on this forum has it. Don't have it? Maybe, at this point, just say you don't have it and don't care to find out, and move on?


                                                                                    <<It's probably all moot...  Adobe isn't participating in this thread, and I doubt they will.>>


                                                                                    And there we go again with the "I know better than you". Did you know that when I asked this question about CS5, Adobe employees jumped in, on this forum, to help find out? Did we resolve it? No. Did Adobe participate? Very much so. Did that make it worth posting here? Definitely. Did that back up Adobe's own, official claim that help requests should go to this forum, that they run? Yes, it did. Are you making it seem like this is just a pointless forum that no one should use because Adobe's not involved? Hell yes (why are you doing that?). Are you running this forum? I kind of doubt that, so please: don't claim to know these things. Yeah, we don't see a lot of Adobe employees jumping onto threads. That's not a surprise because a lot of questions are questions that forum members can answer just fine. At times, that's not the case, and you will see one or more Adobe employees pitch in. I initially had the hope that this would happen again here. If I read this thread at this point as an Adobe employee, I'd laugh at what a trainwreck it's become, and just move on.


                                                                                    You know what? Maybe someone out there already has the answer, but doesn't use this forum. Maybe they do, but they've seen this thread become a trainwreck and don't want to respond anymore. Both of those would be a shame, but none of us knows. Someone might surprise the world yet, and give the answer. I'm still hoping that happens.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: How do I uninstall everything I don't want?
                                                                                      acresofgreen Level 4

                                                                                      Looking at it from the perspective of Adobe, I think it extremely unlikely that any Adobe employee would jump in and give you instructions to work around the installer.  Such a configuration would be unsupportable, so it would NOT be in the interest of Adobe to make such tips public. 


                                                                                      I believe you would have better long-term success by submitting a feature request for the next PS version to offer a minimum install option, and by drumming up support in the community for that feature request. 

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