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    Render Que Questions


      I am using CS6 and I have recently purchased some AE templates from Digital Juice.  These templates are complete you just have to change text in each layer.  My problem is that when I rendered the project it only rendered part of it as if it had only rendered one layer.  My question is how do I make sure that my entire project / template is being rendered? Sorry for such an elementary question, but I am a beginner.   I am also tried to import the comp into Premiere thinking that maybe It would work that way.....no dice!  Again....it played one part of the entire template instead of the whole thing.  Thanks for the help.

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          Andrew Yoole ACP/MVPs

          Are you rendering the correct composition?  Template projects often have multiple scenes nested into a final ouput comp.  Check to make sure you are rendering the correct output composition.  It sounds, from your description, like you might just be rendering a precomp of the editable text, rather than the full output comp.


          Also check the Render Settings of the Render Queue item to see if it is rendering the full timeline, work area, or a defined time segment.  Make sure the start and end times are defined to render all the content you require.

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            Mylenium MVP

            As Andrew said, you may be rendering the wrong comps. Definitely do some reading: Getting started with After Effects and check your projects.



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              editor147 Community Member

              What I am doing is after I have edited my text I am then going up to composition and selecting "add to render que".  This is not working....I agree with you that I seem to be rendering a pre-comp...but I am still doing it incorrectly despite your adivice as well as doing some reading as Mylenium suggested....I don't fully understand what I need to do.  Thanks for the patience. 

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                Mylenium MVP

                Perhaps you should get in touch with Digital Juice about some pointers which comps to actually render. Sounds like something ingherent to the structure of the project, but since we have no way of seeing it, it's difficult to advise.



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                  BenjaminMarkus Community Member

                  Some screenshots might be helpful.