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    gotoAndStop() doesn't stop


      Lots of discussion here on gotoAndStop(), but the solutions are not working for me.

      My use of gotoAndStop("Frame1); plays the entire movie clip. Where am I erring?

      the code, attached to a button, is:

      on (release) {

      What is supposed to happen is on release, the main timeline goes to frame 5 and stops.
      That works correctly.
      In the movie clip called ContentHolder_MC, which is a box holding content in the MC "InitialRequest", the MC does display in the ContentHolder.

      But, the second "gotoAndStop("Frame1"); ends up playing the entire movie and not stopping on "Frame1".

      I want to use this technique of using named frames to display different content in "ContentHolder" but can't get the called MC "InitialRequest" to stop on the specified frame.

      Can someone correct my approach?

      Many thanks!