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    Bridge CS6 bug (?) opening Hasselblad RAW files




      Some of my Hasselblad RAW files cause an error message when opening in Bridge or PS. Further when using Bridge, more and more of these files get corrupted. I can use Nikon RAWs without problem so it does not seem to be my system or setup. I only happens with the Hasselblad RAWs. I can use Hasselblad files using the original Hasselblad software without problems so it can not be my Hasselblad camera setup which I am using for years now. Further, I can still open these CS corrupted files with the hasselblad software. When I only work with the Hasselblad software there is absolutely NO problem for years now. I only have this issue when I switch to Bridge CS6.





      I have a set of Hasselblad FFF RAW files that I can use and open without problems in Bridge CS6 ( x64). But one file of them did not show a preview icon and when I tried to open it in PS6 or RAW editor, I get an errormessage "Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered.". When I open the same file in Hasselblad "Phocus" software there is no problem. I can see the preview thumb there and I can play around with the file and even export to TIF or DNG without any trouble. I can even open the exported DNG in PS or Bridge/RAW editor then. But it is impossible to work with the RAW file in Bridge.


      Yes, it looks like the file is corrupted. But why can I open the same file with the Hasselblad software? I work with the Hasselblad software for years now and NEVER had any issues.


      Now I started working with the uncorrupted files in CS6 (playing with the RAW settings, open in PS, etc.). After some days I get more and more "corrupted" files. Even files that showed a thumb before are no longer showing the icon and are unable to open. So the same files that where ok at first now are corrupted! This only happens with Hasselblad files. I have absolutely no issue with Nikon RAWs, which I also use a lot. So the problem can not be caused by my computer or my system.


      No there is no issue with my Hasselblad setup because I use this for years now and it workes absolutely flawless with the Hasselblad RAW software. the problems arised when I started using Bridge CS6. When I turn back to the Hasselblad Phocus software all these corrupted files are able to open! All files are 100% ok there! It shows all the thumbs and I can export these files to TIF and DNG without any trouble. Back in Bridge I can even open the DNG files then but not the original RAW files.


      Please don't tell me my files are corrupted or I need to change my way of file transfer. This is definately not the case because everything works fine when I work the way I did for years. The problems started when I switched to CS6.