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    'exit' in if statement

      my code works perfectly until I publish :(

      I have an exit in the code in an if ... then statement

      Once I publish the 'exit' doesn't happen.

      Is this a known problem ( or is it just me!! ) ?

      If so is there another way?

      Here is my code:

      -- search for a record that matches the user logging in.
      on findMeOnLogIn
      htext = ""
      getFirstName = member("Entry - FirstName").text
      getPassword = member("Entry - password").text
      if gDatabase > 0 then
      repeat with i = 1 to gDatabase.count --<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<?????????????
      record = gDatabase
      if(getFirstName = record.Firstname) then
      if(getPassword = record.password) then
      gCurrentRecord = i
      member("Record Number").text= "Record"&&gCurrentRecord
      put record.FirstName after htext
      member("Read FirstName from list").text= htext
      go to "welcome"
      end if
      end if
      end repeat
      end if
      go to "Register"

      thank you kindly