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    Can Flex create something like a Director executable run on the web?

      I've been using Macromedia Director for 20 years to build CD training solutions. Director has all the capabilities I need to create effective, rich training. I've watched the Flex demos, which focus on retrieving live data and resources on the web. Can Flex be used in a much simpler mode like the following?:

      Trainee logs on (how?) to Flex training app on the web. Flex custom app uses videos and animations stored in a folder at the same level. An interactive quiz tracks a score and displays it after the quiz. Flex writes the score and trainee name / ID to a text file of all trainee scores. Flex can report to managers on : who scored what, how many people failed, which questions were failed by how many people, etc. (i.e. standard training info).

      I hate browser environments... they're too limiting and limited, and the interface is cluttered with File Edit View, etc which have nothing to do with the training are therefore are distracting. My CDs use fullscreen with only the elements I choose on-screen... no clutter. So...

      Can Flex create an app which mimics a Director executable on a CD, but runs over the web?

      Any advice gratefully received.

      regards, David, Ottawa

      PS: And can Flex do this without the nauseating Loading Loading Loading Loading of Flash elements?