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    Built-in "Camera RAW style" color correction for each clip in CS6

    Viktor Devjatov

      Camera RAW has the best sliders for image control. Super easy and ultra natural looking.


      I mean if you want to fix White Balance with in-camera like precision or lift shadows or fix highlights Camera RAW is the quickest tool that produces amazing results.

      I have compared Davinci Resolve, Phase One (Capture One), Adobe SpeedGrade and Color Finese. And the best "quick fix" results are archived in Camera RAW even with 8-bit TIFFs exported from Premiere's DSLR timeline.


      The point is, why can't we add simple sliders for Temperature / Tint / Exposure / Contrast / Highlight / Shadows / Clarity  / Vibrance directly to Premiere's clip.

      So the user will not waste time to export TIFFs to Camera RAW or DPX to SpeedGrade.


      Some more comments.


      1. Three Way Color Corrector contains too much submenus and often doesn't produces results wanted.

      Wheel-type color mixers are more suitable for Secondary color correction in my opinion.

      At first it nice to setup correct White Balance using sliders and only then make some sylish tuning with these wheels.


      2. It's a pity that Camera RAW exported sequences tend to flicker sometimes. I guess it's because of photo-like processing style. It adapts to every single image. Would be cool to have an option to disable this adapting feature, especially useful for timelapses. Have anyone encountered this problem with Camera RAW?


      Maybe someone knows a plugin for Premiere and AE that has direct slider for Temperature and Tint?