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    Limit my button to the visible area


      I have a button which is made up from a larger masked image.


      The entire area of the original image is currently setting out the 'hit' area for the button.


      This is messy to say the least but it also means there are overlap issues when I have two buttons next to each other.


      I want to limit the button's hit area so mousing over the none visible parts of the masked area don't take me to the 'over' state.


      This problem is also causing me issues when I'm trying to distribute and align several buttons of the same size - as the align feature also takes into account the whole area of the original larger image.


      How can I stop this happening?




      (Working in CS6)

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          groove25 Level 4

          Well, this seems like a bit of a "hack" suggestion on my part, but how about just flattening the masked image (using Modify > Flatten Selection)? I can't quite imagine how you'd be using a masked image for a button, but if you flattened it first before creating the button... I can't think of a simpler way to get rid of the excess that's causing problems with the 'hit' areas and overlap, etc.


          Another idea: If you apply the image as a custom pattern (to the object that's currently acting as a mask), you'll get a 'mask-like' effect without actually using a mask, per se.


          That's two ideas for you, anyway.

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