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    RoboHelp Server with .NET samples




      I downloaded Robohelp 9 to make demo on context sensitive help, I managed to open sample program located at "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\CSH API\ASP.NET" and run it using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 .


      the help here mention that I should locate RoboHelp Server with .Net Samples.


      my Questions are:


      1- where can I get "RoboHelp Server with .Net Samples"?, I cannot find them on the path mentioned on help, do these Samples located on the installation of product other than RoboHelp 9?


      2- I have a product developed with ASP.net 4, how can I put the help files on Server and Call context sensitive help on ASP.net Client? I need a complete Client and Server Sample with help files to follow please.


      3- can I migrate RoboHelp 5 files to Robohelp 9? and How?



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Handenman and welcome to the RH forums.


          Let me try and answer your questions one by one.


          1. If you locate to the directory mentioned in the help, can you see two sub-directories called CS.NET and ASP.NET? These are the folders for C# and ASP versions of the .NET API. Post back if you can't see these. However if you can't see these directories, check that the path in the help is where Adobe RoboHelp 9 is installed. The help is slightly misleading here as it really should say that the path is the default install path and that you may have installed it somewhere else.
          2. I can't really help you here as I do not use ASP.NET. You'll need to get someone who can publish their RoboHelp content to do that. The sample files mentioned above can then be used to work out the code required for the CSH API call.
          3. You should just be able to open the project in RoboHelp 9. When you do it will give you the option to upgrade. However before you open your project, take a backup just in case. There shouldn't be any issues, but if there are you should be aware that once the project is upgraded to RoboHelp 9 you can not open it in an earlier version. Having the backup is your "Get out of Jail free" card.