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    ae cs6 expression




      im running cs6 and i have a simple if else expression on the opacity

      and its linked to a checkbox (expression control) on acomp above

      the expression works up until i animate the checkbox

      i used the slider control just to see

      the result was the same  i used this expression in cs5 all the time 

      and this project depends on it


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Probably yet another ridiculous bug in the crappy new cacheing system. Turn off the disk cache in the prefs. Also consider baking the expressions to keyframes. No matter what, it will probably render correctly either way, it's just not behaving correctly for previews.



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            adama543 Level 1

            thanks for the reply mylenium


            turned it off still doesnt work

            already checked render and the render looks like  the preview


            i never baked expression do you mind telling me how i can accomplish that ?

            do i need a plugin ?



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Animation --> Keyframe Assistants --> Convert Expression to Keyframes



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                adama543 Level 1

                well after checking it out


                i must say i dont really know what the cause of this weird behavior


                it sometimes work and most of the time doesn't and not the caching\uncaching it or baking it soulvs it completly


                but checking the caching off has an affect on it  and thats not afix not at all


                i would say the  most unreliable cs version  yet  im saying it after encountering loads of bugs not only that one (viewport glitches and what have you )


                and being an after effects user/enthusiast for along time


                say mylenium


                when do you think the next update will arrive (im using

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  I have no idea, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up. AE has never received any meaningful patch releases beyond updating stuff like RED importers or similar for which I couldn't care less, so the next fix will be the next paid upgrade most likely, whether that's CS6.5 or CS7 remains to be seen...



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                    adama543 Level 1

                    i had time to check it again.


                    i restarted my pc out of superstitious reasons and started anew project with

                    caching turned off this time my expression worked 


                    so yea..... all that money for an ssd


                    the latest update had something to do with expression

                    i hope next time they tackle the caching system

                    for   the human race