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    Trim titles

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          Hello Adobe,


          My ripple trim stopped working.  When i shorten a clip that is adjacent to other clips, it shortens the clip, and the trailing clips remain where they were.  They don't shift left like they used to.


          What is the next step to take?



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            Welcome to the Forum.


            This is likely because you have Clips on other Tracks, that are keeping your Ripple from working. Do you have Video, or Audio Clips (above/below) the Title in question?


            Good luck,



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              lauranawong Level 1

              thank you

              yes.  there is a video clip below.

              to workaround, i delete the above/below clip, do the ripple trim, and then reinsert the deleted track .

              is there any other way to do a ripple trim when there are clips above/below?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Not really. The same can happen with an Audio Clip, spanning the area too.


                Your method is as good as it gets.


                One can adjust their normal worlkflow a bit, to accommodate using functions, such as the Ripple Edit (or Delete and Close Gap), but that is about that can be done.


                One can also Select all Clips beyond (to the right), and move them to accommodate the extended Title, but that is about as much work, as doing it your way.


                That is one reason that I do my Audio last (obviously, I am not doing music videos).


                Good luck,



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                  thank you!