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    Chnging my pc parts


      Hello, i have recently bought and installed CS6 and Lightroom4 on my new PC which cost me 2500$ after picking the parts myself. (i7 3820 Quad 3.60GHz, 16GB 1600MHz, 240GB SSD+1TB HDD, Radeon 7970 3GB, windows 8 atc...) i've expected it to work much faster and i would like to know if there is some part i can replace so everything wil be optimal. (i can stil switch part and add money..) wil the Nvidia 690 should work better? is there some spesific part i need to replace? thanks.

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          Doug.S Level 3

          What does not work as quickly as you would expect?


          If everything works OK (i.e. is openGL functining OK; see prefs, performance) then you are good to go aside from boosting CPU speed/water cooled.  Ps on SSD?


          Are you working with huge files? lots of layers? set prefs for best results.


          Using a HDD for scratch disk?


          What are you comparing Ps performace to what you used to use?  Unless you had a very old slow PC don't expect CS6 to be 10x faster.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Are you telling us that it is not working as well as you hoped?   I'd have thought that it would be plenty fast enough with Photoshop CS6.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Tell us please specifically what isn't working to your expectations.  There's very likely something specific that can be done to deal with whatever you're finding wrong.