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    Issue with camera

    dh91 Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I'll try to explain, but can't provide any screenshots or videos.


      I have a scene that was rendered in Cinema 4D. PNG sequences brought over to AE, along with the camera from C4D. I do some compositing: background elements along with another 3D layer which is a part of the main scene. All is fine and dandy.


      I then have After Effects elements that need to transition into the comp made up of the C4D and composited stuff. Project is much more complex than that, but I've nailed the issue down to these 2 comps/


      In the AE elements comp, I have a camera (created in AE) parented to a null object. The comp runs its course and is then transitioned to the C4D comp.


      My problem, is that when the camera in the C4D comp rotates, the composited elements start to quickly "jitter" right and left, until the rotation is complete.


      But the thing is, when I render the C4D comp by itself, everything is as it should be, nice and smooth. It only jitters when it is rendered with the AE elements comp.


      I initially though that maybe something in the AE elements comp was messing with the camera in the C4D comp, but I made sure all of the layers were cut off before the camera move/problem occurs. Besides, the C4D comp is a simple 2D layer, so the AE elements camera shouldn't be affecting it.


      So all is well when rendered as its standalone comp, but not so much when rendered as part of another comp (which I need to complete the project).


      This has me slightly baffled. I hope I explained the situation and someone may have some insight as to why this is occuring.


      Best and many thanks,


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          dh91 Level 1

          Disregard. It wasn't my camera acting up, it was the PNG of the C4D stuff. Why? Because my C4D comp was at 30 fps and my AE elements comp was at 24. I can't believe I made that mistake but it's definitely one to learn from!!

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Glad you figured it out. It's surprising to me to see how many problems are related to improperly interpreting frame rate and interlacing. AE has always worked perfectly for me when the footage interpretation matches the footage format. It is very easy, and ofttimes tempting, to try to turn footage into something that it isn't.

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              dh91 Level 1

              Agreed. I'm usually pretty careful when it comes to this, but somehow I just let this get away from me. It was a good experience though trying to troubleshoot where the problem was taking place, and trying to isolate different elements to see if they were responsible. When they clearly weren't responsible, I started to think about comp settings and had an "aha" moment before I even looked at the frame rate settings. Stupid mistake, good learning oppurtunity.