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    Querying a secure CFLDAP

      Hello all,

      I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my CFMX7 box will not authenticate with a secure LDAP. I have been able to query using ldp.exe from micosoft but nothing with CF. I have been all over the Internet looking for solutions and suggestion but nothing has helped.

      I believe I imported the crt correctly but I suspect that is where I am experiencing the breakdown.

      Here is the code:
      server = "#domain#"
      action = "query"
      name = "results"
      start = "dc=school,dc=edu"
      filter = "(sAMAccountName=aasmith)"
      attributes = "ldapDisplayName"

      I imported the crt before and tried again just case and it said that it was already there. I would like to delete the alias out and start over be could not. Can someone help me with this?