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    openGL Ps CS5 died after CS6 beta

    Doug.S Level 3

      Using Ps CS5 12.04 on win7x64, 12GB,  Radeon 6780 1GB, dual HDD and dual monitors since last Oct when I bought this new PC and its always been fine with openGL even with extensions added and dual monitors in workspace setup.


      Still worked same most of the time while I also had CS6 Ps beta installed and running...CS6 always ran openGL et al in advanced mode just fine.


      But when beta ended I uninstalled CS6 beta (correctly following Adobe advice)...and now CS5 does not run openGL...unless I reset prefs (ctr+alt+shift) at startup...then  it runs fine.  I can even switch to my custom user workspace and it continues just fine (except certain prefs are now reset...like second hard drive use and mouse wheel zoom etc.) until I close Ps.


      But when I close and restart Ps for next session; the setup starts as left but openGL not running again.  It is a repeatable startup cycle if I want the advantages of openGL.


      I tried deleting/turning off all (2) extensions except Kuhler (may have to try that) (I have no plugins in x64). Made no difference.


      So wondering if anyone else experienced similar and are there any answers/fixes?


      I'll get Ps CS6 soon but will leave CS5 installed a long time...and it seems like a false hope that a CS6 install will fix CS5 openGL...and a big hope CS6 openGL will run just fine like it did in beta.



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          You're experiencing errors from your video card driver.


          You can try updating the driver from the GPU maker's website, or you can disable OpenGL in Photoshop.


          CS6 had nothing to do with it -- CS6 and CS5 don't interfere with one another.

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            Curt Y Level 7

            Have seen this exact problem on the forum about 3-4? days ago.  Can't remember the solution but had to do with driver.  Here is explaination of what you are seeing.


            The GPU Sniffer

            To help guard against Photoshop crashes related to bad GPU hardware or drivers, Photoshop employs a small program called the GPU Sniffer. Every time Photoshop is launched, Photoshop launches the sniffer. The sniffer runs rudimentary tests of the GPU and reports the results to Photoshop. If the sniffer crashes or reports a failure status to Photoshop, Photoshop will not use the GPU. The Use Graphics Hardware checkbox in the Performance panel of the Preferences will be unchecked and disabled.

            The first time the sniffer fails, Photoshop will display a dialog indicating that it has detected a problem with the GPU. On subsequent launches the dialog will not appear unless the Photoshop preferences are reset.

            If the user corrects the problem, either by replacing the video card or by updating the driver, then the sniffer will pass on the next launch and the Use Graphics Hardware checkbox will be enabled and returned to its previous state (enabled or disabled).

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              Doug.S Level 3

              Thanks so far.


              Odd thing is that Ps CS5 32bit works perfectly fine...same workspace, dual monitors, openGL running OK everytime I open normally (no need for reset prefs), but 64 bit is wonky as described above.

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                There are seperate drivers for 32 bit and 64 bit, and apparently the bug in your drivers is 64 bit only.