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    Extremely wide video format

    Paul van Dinther Level 1

      This is a rather unusual project and probably breaks all the regular rules and standards so my excuses for the long post. I have a circular video wall that consists of 9 1080p displays that are oriented in portrait. On this I want to playback a very high resolution panoramic video file.


      Essentially the screen resolution is 9 x 1080 = 9720 pixels wide and 1920 pixels heigh. Using bevel compensation the actual resolution is closer to 11160 x 1920


      In the trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 I already found out that it is possible to have a workspace that large and to my surprise the workspace and playback is quite smooth.


      I produced a simple 5 second test project, however, I get stuck when I try to export the file. So far the only way I could find to export the data is to use the AVI format and select None for the video codec. I set the source scaling to "Change Output Size to Match Source" which strangely gives me an output of 11000 x 1920 despite the fact my workspace is 10000 x 1920 (just a detail)


      Premiere exports the file just fine but the 5 seconds of video in a 7.08 GB fileze it is unplayable using any of the following payers:


      Windows Media player




      I found a way to convert the 7 gig file to OGG using FFCoder and the Theora codec. But the maximum bitrate for that codec is 16000 which produces a small 6 MB file that runs smoothly (size is maintained) but the compression artifacts are unacceptable.


      Can anyone give me information how to best handle these crazy big video files. What player to use or what codec to use and how best to manage projects like this. Any tips, help or links are much appreciated. I am a novice at Adobe Premiere.