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    Error: Could not save "file name" because the file name was not valid. (PS CS6 + WIN 7)


      I have recently purchased a new desktop under WIN 7 as well as Adobe Creative Suite CS6.

      My first internal hard disk is 2 TB, the second one installed is from my old PC, 250 GB.


      I am getting this error when trying to save a file over an existing file using the “Save” command.

      The message is wrong, because the file name IS valid.

      This error is persistent.

      This error does not occur when doing the same action on my second internal hard disk.

      This error happens on files larger than about 1MB in weight.


      What happens is that the original file over which I try to do the ”Save” command gets corrupted and lost.

      If I don't use the “Save as” command to save my work under a different name, my work is lost.


      The same problem occurs with both PS CS6 versions, 64 Bit and 32 Bit.


      I am very disappointed and annoyed with this happening.

      Any idea what is going on here?