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    Browser Compatability


      Hi All,


      After using the old BC templates for a couple of years I decided try one of these new Fluid templates, I was advised that they will work across all browsers and screen sizes which makes life of the designer easier in the long run.


      I have started a site here http://rstestfav.duncanstaff.com.au/ which in Google Chrome works perfectly, but I have noticed on some differnet browsers it not only does not work so well it does not even work the same every time.


      Let me explain that further. I view the website on my PC with IE9 32bit on a 64bit PC and it worked fine but then on three other PC's who are also running IE9 it does not display proerly, instead of getting the actual menu across the top of the page you just get a menu listing down the righthand side of the page, I also notice that on the other PC's if you go to the Contact page you get no map and no contact form.


      Has anyone got any ideas why this might be happening?


      Another think I have noticed is that if you visit the website from a mobile it does not detect the small screen size, so you have to scroll left and right to see the whole page, is there something I have to do to make the template reconsie different browsers of screen sizes?


      Cheers for any help in advance.