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    My lousy workaround for Mt2 import errors

    The Real Paschar

      Goal: to complete 30 to 60 second commercial spots with AE CS6 and Premiere CS6


      First, I'd just like to say thanks Adobe, I'm sure happy that you broke support for certain camera's m2t type files, works fine in 5.5, but I guess it was just too much hassle.  Fanboys, please don't bother commenting more about this, I'm really not interested in how it's justified.


      The error happens on AE or Premiere and converting or renaming via direct stream to different types of MPEG doesn't help, it's just not happening. 


      For the workaround, and this is by no means great, but it at least allows me to complete projects given in CS6 with these m2t files and retain quality.


      I use LAGARITH lossless codec x64, it gives about half the file size as HUFFuv, it's fast and I don't have any issues with it. 


      The go between editor I use is WOMBLE, it imports pretty much everything and takes the m2t with no problem, actually Adobe is the ONLY program that doesn't take the files.  I can edit and whittle down the video to roughly what I'll be using and export to LAG avi files with decent speed and size.


      These import just fine to all things Adobe CS6 to allow proper production, quality is good considering.


      Also, I read a lot of the threads and notice many know it alls just love to make snide useless comments that offer no solutions whatsoever, please refrain from wasting your time here, just move along to annoy someone else.  There I've vented, I feel better, well not really.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The attitude isn't going to help much.


          Here is what may help. 3rd party video codecs are the cause of about 90% of video IO problems. Certain camera M2t files doesn't tell me much. I'm only guessing that you're using some variation of Windows OS. I know nothing that can even start to point me to a solution.


          I understand your frustration but without some specifics there's nothing but the standard solution that solves most video IO problems. None of the tools you mention, WOMBLE, LAGARITH are industry standard universally distributed tools. You can't expect Adobe, or anyone else, to run tests, find conflicts, debug, and make compatible the hundreds of 3rd party video solutions that are available.I'd suggest you uninstall all non standard codecs from your system and tell us what kind of camera you're using.


          I'm among a huge family of professionals that use After Effects to make a living every day and I don't have any issues with any professional formats that are commonly used in commercial production. I don't have any codecs installed that are not used in commercial production on a daily basis.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            We need to know exactly what camera you are using. Maybe it can be "fixed" in the future by choosing different recording settings. Perhaps you might even care to share one of your clips so people can verify and investigate the issue. The rest is neither here nor there - neither you nor Rick are gonna win this one. Yes, CS6 sucks on many levels, but just the same this may be utterly an external influence. Provide more info and we may be able to work it out.



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              The Real Paschar Level 1

              Rick, congratulations, you're exactly the type of person I was referring to that I don't want input from.  You're comments are an absolute waste of time and solve nothing as usual.  Niether I nor Adobe need any further input from you on this one OK.


              Mylenium, you're right, I'm just very frustrated with Adobe and from researching a bit more, it seems I'm not alone on this. The new features and speed improvements are fantastic, and I'm very happy with that end, but one of the single most important things the software needs to do is simply import media of all types.  Creative people in particular prefer flexibility to strict adherence of whatever companys "standards" might be  because its in our nature to just make things work and this just feels like a huge let down on a very basic level.


              If someone would care to explain how I can import the provided sample clip into 5.5 and every other program on my system EXCEPT CS6 and how that could still be a problem with my system, I'm all ears.  I think not. 


              I don't expect a solution, but do appreciate genuine attempts to help each other, here's a link to a small sample clip if anyone is interested.  Even Dropbox's built in media player can run the file!


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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                The file imports just fine here on my system at home (Vista 64) with an updated AE 11.0.1. That's at least some good news. I might do another cross-check on Wednesday at work. Regarding your difficulties you mightz wanan employ a tool like VirtualDub, GSpot, MediaInfo and check your locally installed CoDecs. It might be possible that your CoDecs are simply pointing to older versions from your CS5.5. Uninstalling CS5.5 and then reinstalling CS6 might also get it working, though that is kinda circular since the issues may come back wehn you reinstall CS5.5. Also this may be a licensing issue wher likewise the coDecs are locked to the previous version. Users using trioal versions have been plagued by it as well. The solution here would be to delete the cache.db. instructions are to be found here: Error "Licensing has stopped working".



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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I did try and offer a hint to a solution.... 90% or better chance it's your 3rd party codecs that are causing the problem. I'm not going to argue that CS6 is perfect. That's not the point. The point is that no one can help you without knowing what kind of camera you are using and what your system is. ******** and throwing insults ins't going to help and makes it very unlikely that I'll offer a solution to a different problem when I have one.


                  FYI - the file you put in dropbox works just fine for me in Bridge, Premiere, AE, and even Photoshop on Mac and PC. From the metadata I discovered that you're using something to import the video that strips off the metadata or you're capturing from a HDV cassette in a way that doesn't transfer the metadata. Because the file works in all of my CS6 apps in both Windows and Mac as well as in CS5 and CS 5.5, I think you've got a 3rd party codec conflict.


                  Since the metadata is stripped I'm guessing the following because the M2T format was originally developed by JVC and swiftly supported by Sony, Canon and Sharp camcorders, using MiniDV/DVC cassettes. You have a JVC, Sony, Canon or Sharp camera and you shot on HDV cassette. You're having a 3rd party codec conflict that is breaking the connection between CS6 and your source video. To fix this I suggest that you remove all 3rd party codecs and follow Mylenium's advice about re-installing your Adobe products.


                  Screen Shot 2012-06-18 at 12.57.34 PM.png

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                    The Real Paschar Level 1

                    I think you're right about it being a problem with Adobe codecs and licensing as everything else works fine, I don't know how it works under the hood, but it seems it should be a fairly simple and straight forward process normally, but I know Adobe's paranoia and heavy duty piracy junk can get in the way of things.  Looking around it seems like the pirates have better luck getting things to work than paying customers who many feel just left out in the cold.


                    Reinstalling Adobe products hasn't helped.  I have two machines running w7x64 Enterprise AMD and w7x86 Pro nVidia and both have the same issues with Adobe CS6 and these mt2 files.  Admittedly, they have very similiar things installed.  I only have 4 codecs installed and removed them to test.  The media players I use have their own internal codecs so it was easy to eliminate these as a possiblity.  It didn't work.


                    The camera used was a Sony HDR HC1 captured with HDVsplit, I could get the camera if I needed to and capture it myself, I'm wondering if capturing through premiere would make any difference in the m2t file?


                    We've done many projects for these people in the past and they're upgrading to a Canon XA10 or better next month, but I'm just concerned this codec will resurface with other jobs.


                    I appreciate the help and the information.  So I think by removing "third party codecs" and reinstalling I can pretty much assume it's a problem I'll need Adobe to sort out as I don't know what else I can do.  I do have a drive image of a brand new system with nothing installed that I could try to test this further if I can find the time.  Do either of you have older CS products installed, namely 5.5 coexisting with CS6?

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                      The Real Paschar Level 1

                      Well, we found a solution, and just as we all suspected.  It was an issue with Adobe 100%.  We basically had to reinstall the entire suite and do some major cleaning and afterwards it everything worked fine and imported the files without issue.


                      So for others with this problem, maybe the odds aren't quite 90% a problem with your third party codecs after all.

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                        I will also need to reinstall the suite. What kind of "major cleaning" you had to do before it worked for you?