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    Best sequence settings for imported video


      I created a simple screencast of a powerpoint slideshow with another piece of software, and exported it as .mov (H264). The screencast was created at 25 FPS with no audio.


      When I import it to Premiere CS5, the video quality is pretty bad. I can't read someo the smaller letters on the slides, and when the slides are static, the graphics on them pulsate. Bottom line is, I need the quality to be better.


      I think the problem might be that I am not matching my sequence settings to fit the imported file. When I create a new sequence, there are dozens of different presets, and I have no idea which one is the best one.


      The reason I want import to Premiere is so I can add audio...etc., and export, and upload to Youtube, burn to cd...etc. But, I want the quality to be good, and it is quite simply...terrible.


      Any help would appreciated.