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    PE10 problem: .MTS audio cutting out after 15-30 seconds

    Kiwi Al

      Hi. I'm having an extremely frustrating time trying to edit some .MTS video in PE10. On quite a few of the files I've imported (using Import Media) into PE10 the audio is cutting out 15-30 seconds into the clip. However, other clips from the same shoot open perfectly.


      The audio from the 'faulty' clips plays perfectly well in the Elements 10 Organizer, as well as in Windows Media Player, VLC etc so it isn't a problem with audio capture. The video track works fine. This has happened before with PE10. That time, I just thought i'd recorded crappy audio and left those clips out


      I have a fast, relatively new PC using Windows7. The footage was recorded on a Panasonic HDC-SD90 in full HD. The project was set up correctly (AVCHD full HD 1080i 25).


      Please help - I need to get this footage edited asap! Thanks. Al