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    Converting Mx Datagrid to Spark Datagrid


      Do you know how to convert this one into spark datagrid?




      import flash.display.Sprite;

      import flash.events.KeyboardEvent;

      import mx.controls.CheckBox;

      import mx.controls.DataGrid;

      import mx.controls.listClasses.IListItemRenderer;




      *  DataGrid that uses checkboxes for multiple selection


      public class CheckBoxDataGrid extends DataGrid




      //what is the equivalent method of Spark datagrid??

                override protected function selectItem(item:IListItemRenderer,

                                        shiftKey:Boolean, ctrlKey:Boolean,

                                        transition:Boolean = true):Boolean


                          // only run selection code if a checkbox was hit and always

                          // pretend we're using ctrl selection

                          if (item is CheckBox)

                                    return super.selectItem(item, false, true, transition);

                          return false;




                // turn off selection indicator

      //what is the equivalent method of Spark datagrid??

          override protected function drawSelectionIndicator(

                                      indicator:Sprite, x:Number, y:Number,

                                      width:Number, height:Number, color:uint,






                // whenever we draw the renderer, make sure we re-eval the checked state

      //what is the equivalent method of Spark datagrid??

          override protected function drawItem(item:IListItemRenderer,

                                      selected:Boolean = false,

                                      highlighted:Boolean = false,

                                      caret:Boolean = false,

                                      transition:Boolean = false):void


                          if (item is CheckBox)


                          super.drawItem(item, selected, highlighted, caret, transition);




                // fake all keyboard interaction as if it had the ctrl key down

                override protected function keyDownHandler(event:KeyboardEvent):void


                          // this is technically illegal, but works

                          event.ctrlKey = true;

                          event.shiftKey = false;













      Please! I need your help! Thanks!