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    EBooks not showing up in Library


      I am downloading Ebooks into ADE and although they are showing up in the 'Reader View', when I click on 'Library' the book is not there and I can't get back to the 'Reader View'

      Any ideas??

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          Yes.  The ebooks are there, but when you downloaded them, you had a choice

          whether to OPEN or SAVE them.  If you OPEN an ebook, ADE will download them

          and bring it up in Reading view.  If you SAVE them, ADE will put them in

          the library, and you'll see them in Library view.


          You can 'fix' this.  ADE uses an area on your hard disk called My Digital

          Editions to store the ebooks.  You can open ADE in Library view, then put

          your cursor on the small arrow next to the word 'Library'.  A drop-down

          menu will show up.  Click on 'Add Item to Library', and another window will

          open up, permitting you to specify where the ebook is and its name.  You

          can double-click on the ebook name, and then click on OK.  The ebook will

          be added to the Library.  You can't do multiples - only one at a time, so I

          hope you didn't download a bunch....  Also, ebooks that show up in Reading

          view will still show up there, so you can finish reading them.


          If you need more help, just read the ADE HELP section (the F1 key from

          either Reading or Library view).  There's lots of information about how ADE

          works, and what you can do with it.