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    Special characters when linking with word


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a problem with my project that I'm hoping there is an easy solution to.


      I am creating a WebHelp project from some pre-existing word documents and I am linking them so it can all be updated easier.



      My problem is that when the files are imported the html files are named according to the section titles, some of which have special characters such as '-' and '&'. Once uploaded to the webserver the files with special characters do not work and if they are clicked on in the TOC provide a nasty big error saying the file does not exist (it adds the ASCII number into the filename). The server configuration cannot be changed so I need to make sure the files do not have any characters like this in them.


      Once imported I am not able to change the file name by right clicking on the page and going to properties and removing the characters.


      Is there a way I can easily solve this problem without changing the titles in the word files?




      *edit* I'm using RH9


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