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    J2EE, Tomcat, FB4.6


      Hello, I am in a bit of s delima with my projects under FB4.6 and have not had any luck finding info on the interent so I am hoping I might get some here.


      My project requires j2EE and tomcat server runtime. It is already setup and building with no problems in FB4.5 for php, but I have also started writing mobile apps and need to access some of the new features only available in the Flex 4.6.0 SDK. So I am trying to phase out FB4.5 and use FB4.6 for everything.


      I have to reboot on a different partition to switch between both versions because you cannot have them both installed on the same OS so it it kindof a pain to work this way.


      The problem I am having is in FB4.6.


      Problem #1: I cannot select J2EE under Project->Properties->Flex Server. The only options are ASP, ColdFusion, Java, or PHP. When I try to install it from the Eclipse Java Development Tools it rejects the installation because of conflicts.


      Problem #2: There doesn't seem to be a way to set Tomcat as my runtime environment. Same issue with conflicts when I try to install the JST Server Adapters. Also, there is no longer an option to select it in Preferences. Theres usually a Server->Runtime Environtment selection in prefs but its gone now.


      Is there no way to get this to work in FB4.6? Am I stuck with having to switch between both versions in order to build my projects?