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    XML count nodes?

      Hi everyone,

      I'm developing part of a website that will open up an XML / RSS file (downloaded nightly from another site), extract article text and href link, then dump that info into an HTML DIV.

      The problem I've having is that I've only been able to get it to work by hard setting a number of articles (nodes) to process.
      In the attached code, you can see that I've set it number of items at 10 [see: <cfset numItems = 10>]. Of course when there are more then 10 articles, I'm only seeing 10, and when there's less then 10, the whole script blows up.

      Is there a good way to dynmaicly set the #numItems# variable by coutning the nodes under "mydoc.feed.entry.content" in the XML file?

      Thanks in advance,

      - Ian in Los Angeles