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    acrobat pro and system events




      I want to make some changes in the properties of a row of pdf's. I want to change the magnification and page layout. I only know a bit of applescript. Yes I know it isn't Javascript but I didn't find a place for applescript, I am sorry..


      this is what I've got:


      tell application "System Events"

         tell process "Acrobat"


             tell menu bar 1

                 tell menu bar item "File"

                     tell menu "File"

                         click menu item "Properties..."

                         tell window "Properties…" of process "Acrobat"



                         end tell

                     end tell

                 end tell

             end tell

         end tell

      end tell


      I can't set the magnification to "fit page" and page layout to (two up cover page)


      Who can help me please?