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    Encoding export jitters in AVCHD in CS6 - help!


      Hi, I hope someone can help. I am working on a new i7 workstation with Premiere Pro CS6.0.1 & AVCHD clips from a Sony NX5. The edit is beautiful, a pleasure to work with the clips, all looks brilliant on the monitor.


      However, when I try to build a disc, there is intermittent stutters in the footage for no reason. This also happen on dissolves (using the standard Ctrl+D to create) but again, not always.


      I usually create discs by using dynamic link in Encore and this is where the problem started. I then tried rendering the entire timeline, which improved the final encore disc but still had problems. I then tried exporting an AVI file, again same problems.


      In despair, I copied the entire project to a removable disc and imported it into a Premier CS5 system which encoded the project in Encore without a hitch.


      I am so frustrated, as CS6 edits AVCHD files so much better than CS5, but unless I can create a jitter-free final disc it is USELESS!


      MY system is a PC Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 64 bit

      i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz  3.7 GHz

      16 gig DDR3 ram

      Sata 3 C (500 gig) & Media Drive (2 TB)

      Cuda card: NVIDIA Quadro 4000