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    Placing RGB inDesign pages results in CMYK. WHY???

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      There may well be other threads on this, but I've trawled through the forum and can only find similar stuff, nothing that actually addresses this issue. If there's already something on it then I apologise.

      I'm making a presentation for screen using indesign CS5.5, so its in RGB. I'm copy & pasting some stuff in from an RGB illustrator document, which is fine, but I'm also placing pages from another RGB indesign document into my current one. When I do this the image comes up as CMYK and the colours look rubbish. I've tried changing the transparency blend space etc and nothing seems to change it. It also shows up a CMYK on the resulting pdf.

      I copy & pasted the same image as I'm placing on top of it, and it shows as RGB with the placed image underneath still in CMYK.

      I want to continue placing the document pages in rather than copy & pasting because they need to be very precise and I want to show them without the bleed.

      Is this a bug or is there something I can set to make it show up in RGB? It even shows in CMYK in the preview box when you choose which page you want to place.