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      I am a very novice user of RoboHelp and inherited maintenance of the files from a source who left the company.  We use Team Foundation Server to store source files and Harvest to publish the files; however, in the last week I noticed new images added were not displaying ..somehow the images folder now displays under the Webhelp folder instead of at the same level of the folder and now none of my graphics display. In RoboHelp all the images are housed in a separate folder under Project Files and now display with a red X...when I check Properties it says the image is "missing"---any suggestions form the experts on how to resolve?  

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          Hi and welcome to the RH forums.


          Without some more details it will be difficult to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong here. However it does appear that you have inadvertantly broken the link between the image path and the actual image file. One thing I'd like to clarlify is whether the images display in the actual topics inside your project or whether you are saying the images do not display in the generated / published output.


          One thing that is confusing me is why you'd want to store your image files inside your SSL folder or any folder within it. This is the folder that is used to store your output files, not the source files.

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            I suggest you create a new user name. On any forum, not just these, you should never expose your email address in this way. It is wide open to spammers.


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