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    Help - Premiere Pro CS5.5 CUDA Quadro 5000 and BlackMagic 3d extreme problem

    Bozidar Pergar

      Hi everyone,


      I have situation with 3 machines (identical configurations, identical problems )

      There is 2 problems:


      a. If disable Quadro 5000 in < cuda_supported_cards.txt > PP can work, but without CUDA support, off course.

      If Quadro 5000 is enabled, PP freez at initialization of user interface.

      Try everything, drivers, another slot, remove blackmagic.... nothing help


      b.BlackMagic don't show picture. You can work and see material on program monitor (time line), but nothing happened on preview monitor (blackmagic exit).


      I don't know  if this two problems are connected, but there is no problem with After Effects, BlackMagic work normally.


      Very frustrating situation...


      Please help. Thanks.






      Dell T3500

      Intel Xeon procesor W3670

      24 GB RAM

      Decklink BlackMagic 3d Extreme

      Bios, drivers.... all, up to date.