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    No Help from Adobe...


      I have been trying for DAYS to get through to anyone in Adobe that can help. I keep getting transferred to their dubious "support" in India, where I am consistently being disconnected before any attempts to resolve my issue can be made. No call backs are being made either to further assist.


      Today i called the Corportate Headquarters in CA. Again, Adobe's staff simply pass me along to some foreign assist, where I have to follow the same cycle again.


      I now am completely unable to do my job as my illustrious InDesign CS6 crashes at launch every single time. And of course, not one person has asked me for, or taken me up on, giving them the "Package for Support" token number I have regarding my error.


      Adobe is showing some serious issues, not only with this new version, but a SERIOUS lack of customer care and support. I guess I have to pay more for that kind of concern?!


      Lets hear from you Adobe...

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, this will be no help to you at all, but it does reflect just how

          bad things are getting. I was in the car today (this is in Israel), and

          the radio happened to be on some Hebrew talk-show. Listeners were

          calling in to share their gripes and grievances about anything on their

          mind. I was about to turn it off (I never listen to that stuff) when

          suddenly I hear some woman mention Adobe. What's on her mind? She bought

          Microsoft Office and has been very happy with the customer service. And

          then she bought an Adobe CS package for 7000 shekels (approx. $1800 US)

          and the customer service sucks so badly that she felt she had to let

          everyone know about it on radio!


          The talk-show host said that her grievance wasn't appropriate for his

          show, and cut her off.


          Still, I think this is a bad reflection on somebody somewhere -- that

          people are actually calling in to radio talk-shows to discuss Adobe's

          awful support.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            To start oof ,you need to understand that almost nobody here has any corporate connection to Adobe (employees are plainly listed as such) becasue this is a User to User forum. That said, we pride ourselves here on this forum in giving fast and reliable advice gained through real-world experience. Unlike a lot of the contract help in India, the folks who respond here know and use the program every day.


            So, tell us about your problem, and let's see if we can solve it.

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              If you want support from Adobe, you have to pay... a lot $$$. Otherwise, once they have your money for an app, you can go f**k yourself. Same applies for Photoshop, FrameMaker, any Adobe app. Unfortunately, in my line of work, Adobe just can't be avoided.

              Have you tried deleting the app (uninstall) and reinstalling? Make sure you accept all the defaults (install directory, and any other choices it gives you).

              You didn't provide any details regarding your machine, it COULD be a hardware config issue. Could NOT be.

              Good luck!

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                c.teter Level 1

                I attempted to open a CS5.5 file in CS6.  It began to open the document, but then would crash.  When I attempted to open InDesign CS6 again, it attempted to load the file that I had previously attempted to open, and then chose some other files from that drive to open randomly.  Again, a crash.  This continued for more than 30 minutes. 


                I googled and found the recovery folder, emptied it out, the program opened fine on it's own.  When I went to choose a different file to open, it would all happen again.


                I proceeded to unistall the suite a total of three times over the next two days.  Everything was going fine for a while.  Opened that same file after the reinstall, and it opened without any error.  I opened it, saved it to CS6 right away and it's been fine.  Thennnnn, I attempted to open another, and the same thing began happening again.  I have certain CS5.5 files that simply make it crash.  I cannot afford to lose that many files.


                I'm still limping along at work because of this issue.  The last thing I want to do is recreate these files.


                That's the skinny...

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Try opening those files in CS5.5 and exporting to IDML. Open the IDML in CS6.





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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    What Bob said.


                    And if you're on a Mac you should be getting a crash report. Put that on pastebin.com, then post a link to it here and we might be able to see where the crash originates.


                    It also doesn't sound like you've tried repalcing the prefs (see Replace Your Preferences). Uninstalling doesn't remove prefs unless you specificaly tell the uninstaller to do so, so reinstalling is not a reliable way to clean up. It is also helpful for diagnosis to to create a new user account and try ID in that account.

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                      if this is on a NEW 2012 macbook, then re-install Lion and do NOT install update for mid 2012 macbook 1.0 as it causes issues with Adobe

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                        c.teter Level 1

                        UPDATE:  It is a definite error in CS6's program, that some must use an IDML file from the previous version to get it to open without it crashing. 


                        Thank you all for your comments and help.