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    Liquid Layout, Master page item

    SFS-DPS Level 1

      Im trying to grasp the best practices for having objects shift to reduce layout for DPS.


      I have a traditional Mag layout, Facing pages, Folios, master pages ect.


      My immediate question is: Folios on master pages, I assign an object-based liquid assignmnet but when I go to a page in the doc and adjust its as though Its not remembering?


      Is it best to just release all master items prior to assigning Object-based assignments?

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          Frans van der Geest Adobe Community Professional

          Whatvis your policy setting when creating an alternate layout? (is it based on master or object based for instance)

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            SFS-DPS Level 1

            Two part answer...On the master page if I assign the folio to stay in top, right and I test it acts correctly. When I go to to a page that employs control by master the folio acts correctly, but the other released objects on the page do not hold object based assignments.


            If I keep it on object based the released items act right but the folio on the aster does not keep its assignment?


            So, I guess its one or the other? And if so is the best practice to then release all master items and make assignments page by page?



            Steve S.