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    Keeps asking for source file.


      As I work on a project, I save-as the file name for example: This (myproj.mxml) to this (myproj02.mxml) until eventually I save as up to 5 or 10 files. (myproj08.mxml) in the package explorer list on the left side of the flex builder project. When I am finished I delete all the files before my last one. I can delete them all but when I go to export release build I get an error telling me


      (Flash builder could not publish the project source: The application file myproj.mxml was not found).


      The project source must be the very first file created before I saved-as to number 2, because when I bring that first file back into the project, it works again.


      How do I sever ties with all previous file versions so I can keep just the last saved-as version in my flex builder project? Thanks.