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    Printing Issue

    Larry Atlanta

      I recently obtained a new printer (HP Photosmart 7510) replacing a HP C6180.  The photo quality (specifically sharpness) has degraded significantly from any photos printed from CS3.  However, if I print from iPhoto (Mac user), the prints are sharp, i.e. the issue appears to be in the software, not the hardware.  Any ideas what is transpiring?

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          MikeKPhoto Level 2

          Not an HP print user, but have you set the right printing parameters in the driver? Like resolution, paper media etc?


          I have made thousands of prints out of CS3 and what I see on the screen is pretty much what pops out of the printer. Now I am a PC user, so maybe there is something messing up at the OS layer?


          Sorry I cannot be of more help, but if you could post a copy of your driver settings we may be able to spot something





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            Larry Atlanta Level 1

            Thanks, Mike... it didn't directly answer my question but caused me to dig a bit deeper and found the problem...  Hi had the resolution in CS3 low from a past reduction and didn't catch it.  Once I changed that, problem solved!





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              MikeKPhoto Level 2

              Happy Days, glad everything worked out for you