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    flash pro cs6 swf file doesn't work in dreamweaver or chrome


      Hey there,


      My extreme apologies if this issue has already been raised in the forum, I wasn't able to find it by searching.


      I created a slideshow in Flash Professional CS6 and published it in swf format suitable for Flash Player 11.6 and Action Script 3.


      It previews fine in flash player. However when I insert the slideshow into my webpage in Dreamweaver CS6 (Using the Insert --> Media --> SWF command) the content doesn't load in live view, or it asks me to download and install the latest flash player... Which I have, and have done now several times.


      Additionally when I save the document, and preview it in my web browser (tried on latest Chrome, Firefox and IE9) the slideshow just comes up as empty white space. The flash content is still there, as when I right click in that space the flash context menu comes up.


      My question is what is wrong with my slideshow? Are there known issues of Flash Pro CS6 causing this behaviour? How do I go about solving this?


      tl;dr My swf slideshow built in Flash Pro CS6 doesn't work in a browser.