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    How to Use Warp Stabilizer

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I've been using the Mercalli plugin forever but now that CS6 includes the warp stabilizer, I wanted to use it instead of a plugin (since Mercalli has often caused my projects to crash).


      However, while playing with it, I cannot seem to get near the same results I do with Mercalli.


      When Mercailli stabilizer works in 10 seconds, Warp Stabilizer takes 5 minutes.  I don't care, since it does it in the background, and as long as it does a good job, but so far, I'm very unimpressed with the results.  Espeically on wider lenses, WS seems to make the footage go crazy, where Mercialli can easily handle the job.


      I like Mercialli that it's usually a drag/drop/move-on type of a plugin, but WS seems to need to be massaged a lot.

      But I'm not dogging it. I'm sure it's just that I don't know how to use it correctly.  I've watched this, but it wasn't overly helpful http://tv.adobe.com/watch/cs6-creative-cloud-feature-tour-for-video/using-warp-stabilizer- in-premiere-pro-cs6/.


      In that video Al Mooney says that most users see the default settings doing what they want. I haven't been so lucky.


      Anyone have any pointers to maximize the benefit of this effect? My biggest problems seem to be on 30mm lenses and wider. The footage looks like Jello after the effect is applied.



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          Hindsight_Productions Level 1

          Have you played around with the warp stabilizer settings?  Tried no motion, as opposed to smooth motion?  Also, with my brief experience with PPro CS6 the shorter the clip you apply the warp stabilizer, the better the result.

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            Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

            Talk to Mercalli if it crashes or download again, it may have been fragmented. No problems using Mercalli V2 Pro latest download in CS5.5.2. I too was going to upgrade to use Warp but what has happened to you does not sound too good.

            i hope you work it out.

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              Alan Craven Level 4

              There is a new version of Mercalli for CS6.  This works fine for me, and other than on short clips which are fairly stable anyway, gives better results than Warp.  Also if you apply Warp to many clips your project file becomes huge and results in very slow loading and saving of the project.


              The new Mercalli starts in a different way to the old - instead of opening with the dialogue box you get a screen which says that you need to re-scan your clip (just as though you had trimmed the clip after scanning with Mercalli).


              I have also had some very odd results with Warp - an unexplaind zoom in in the middle of a clip;  a horizon which starts 30 degrees counter-clockwise to horizontal and rotates 60 degrees clockwise as the clip plays;  some very pronounced jello where there is moving water in a clip.


              Also clips which have the warp stabiliser filter applied are very slow to cut when you want rid of them.

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                Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                Hi Alan,


                Quote :"Mercalli gives better results than warp"


                That was very ineresting, Mercalli Pro V2.0.93 is doing the work for me in CS5.5.2 with no issues.