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    Array of VO's

    kruse Level 1
      I have got a VO called personVO that have got firstname and lastname.

      Then I have an array that contains the personVO.

      In my interface it is then possible to select a personVO.
      The selected personVO would I like to have in the variable selectedPerson.

      How do I do that?

      First I thought about copying the selected personVO into selectedPerson. But I do not want to have another copy of the values because they are already in the array.

      Then I thought about making the selectedPerson to some kind of pointer, pointing into the array.
      But I do not want the selectedPerson to have an index value to the selected personVO. I want the selectedPerson to point directly to the VO.
      I would be able to call the selected persons firstname like this selectedPerson.firstname.

      Is this possible?