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    Windows 8 and InDesign


      I need help!  I have several old Pagemaker files that are quite large.   I had some recent computer issues and decided to go to Windows 8 as an update, and after research thought we could go to a newer version of InDesign (I still have CS2) that could open Pagemaker files, but now I can't get the InDesign software (CS6) to load on the Windows 8 system.    I know I could move the files to another computer with another OS, but does anyone know when InDesign will be updated to work in Windows 8????  I also need to be sure that the newer versions of InDesign will in fact open my Pagemaker files.  I don't want to recreate them all from scratch if we can avoid it.   Please help!  Or, if you have other suggestions, please share... thank you!