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    Very poor display of HDV 1080i footage

    EmberBen Level 1



      I'm finding this really frustrating as this is very basic problem.


      I have some HDV 1080i footage. Captured with Prem CS6.


      No matter what field setting on the record monitor I choose, or field setting on the clips in the timeline, the footage plays back very juddery. It's pretty terrible on anything moving like a pan or a tilt. It exhibits "rolling shutter" type artifacts.


      If I play back the same footage in Premiere pro 2 on the same laptop - it plays perfectly.


      Other footage that I have edited that is progressive fields also plays back fine in CS6.


      I shoot a lot of HDV with interlaced frames and it's just no good to play to a client.


      If I export the movie out as sequence settings, it plays fine with VLC.


      Curiously the same shots play much better in the player window than when they are moved to the timeline. The timeline settings are of course set to HDV 1080i and there are no red or yellow lines on the sequence.


      Any help would be appreciated. I have a feeling that this has something to do with the way Premiere CS6 is communicating with my video card, but cannot find any settings for this.






      Laptop i7 2GHz quad core, Nvidia Quadro 3000m, 20Gb RAM.