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    Conext Sensitive Help Test Tool Not Working


      I have been trying to test my map files with the context-sensitive test tool, but am unable to get it working. I am running TCS 3.5 on Windows XP Pro.


      I created a map files for Java in the project file and then created several test links with Map IDs. I am working with an offline WebHelp system on my C drive. I open the CSH Test Tool and located the index_csh.htm file for the WebHelp help system and then choose the Map Number. But when I click "Show Help," nothing appears. The hourglass comes up for a brief instant, as if it's going to load the page, but then nothing happens.


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Douglas_Campbell Level 1

          Hi, William:


          Your C# API allowed me to successfully test. Thanks.


          However, I was reading a bit more of the information on your site, and am still unclear why the deafult RH CSH Tester would not work. I was only using map numbers. Very frustrating.


          I also had a few other questions, since this is the first time I'm creating a mapping file in RH:


          - Is there any way to batch test? Or, if the icons appear blue (indicating they are correctly linked) in the Edit Map IDs dialogue box, can I just use your C# API to test a few and assume that they others are also working?


          - Is this API set to open up the pages in IE by default? Mine is doing that, but I wasn't sure if it was your app or my computer settings. I'm in an corporate environment where we are supposed to use IE as the default browser, although I have FF installed, too. It keeps opening an IE window with a security message that says JavaScript is not supported and I have to click the bar at the top to allow ActiveX controls to work. I'm pretty sure that last part is a security setting I can't change here, but not so sure about the default browser choice.


          -I haven't downloaded your API testers in other languages. Are they all the same with the difference just being language preference for the person testing it, or do some of them offer more functionality?



          Thanks for sharing your great tool!



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            Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Different flavours of CSH launcher are designed to work with different flavours of calling programs. With WebHelp, your default browser is invoked - warning - there are issues with Chrome concerning where your help is going to be located (hint - web servers = ok, local workstation or LAN server = problems). See Peter Grainge's site for help with that.


            BTW - it's "Willam" not "William"