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    Command line generation errors in log. How do I fix this?

    JaredHess Level 1

      Version: RH 9 (latest version)

      OS: Windows 7, 64-bit

      Output: CHM


      I have a batch file that uses RH's command line generation functionality to generate our CHMs regularly.

      The command line works for my other projects. But I have one project that has three different CHMs outputted, and each chm from this one project always fails.


      Each of the three log file generated contains info along these lines.


      Adobe (R) RoboHelp Project Command Line Compiler version

      Copyright (C) 2006-2007, Adobe Systems Incorporated and its licensors. All rights reserved.


      Project: d:\hg\pcdmisqa\pcdlrn\help\toolkitmodules\PC-DMIS Toolkit Modules.xpj

      Layout: Toolkit Modules-Miscellaneous.

      Output: D:\DocProjects\Outputs\common_chm\toolkitmodules.chm.


      Scanning project for compilation....

      Error: Failed to scan all the project files. Please use RoboHelp to recover the project.

      Unexpected Error: Failed to prepare single source data for RHCL. Please try to compile it in RoboHTML.


      Any ideas? By the way, these helps compile fine within RH itself.