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    Is system update right for me?

    FreakIndeed Level 1

      I'm trying to determine whether I should now upgrade to a new system. I'm about to start editing an independent feature length film project in about a month. I'm switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.


      I currently have an 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (Early 2008) Mac Pro with which I have been editing with Final Cut Pro 7 on.


      I wasn't really wanting to move to a laptop - I was hoping for new iMacs at WWDC 2012.


      Waiting any longer is not something I can do at this point if I'm going to start this new project on a new system. However, after looking at Geekbench numbers comparing my current MacPro setup to the 27" current iMacs, I'm not seeing a huge increase in the numbers. Is this a realistic way for me to look at this? Should I not bother upgrading at all? Are there big benefits that I would get that Geekbench isn't showing me?


      One thing I do know is that my current MacPro processors do not support Hyper-Threading or Turboboost or anything like that. Also, my graphics card is lacking GPU acceleration that many new apps take advantage of. Would these items alone be enough to justify an update when using Premiere Pro CS6, Photoshop, and After Effects?