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    Dreamweaver CS6/video does not show in IE


      When inserting video in Dreamweaver CS6, the video doesn't show in Explorer but it shows properly in Safari, Opera and Firefox. I watched the tutorial but it doesn't seem to mention Explorer at all. I used two different formats as suggested by the tutorial. mp4 for Safari and .ogv for Firefox. It look great ... however, it doesn't show in Explorer ... not even the (empty) box. What am I doing wrong?

      Using the same logic, I even tried to use different formats such as .wmv or avi to no avail.


      Here's the (partial) code:



      <div id="content">

      <div id="main_video">

      <video width="420" height="320" controls>

      <source src="../TEST CS6/Lowe's.mp4" type="video/mp4"/>

      <source src="../TEST CS6/Lowe's.ogv" type="video/ogg"/>




      Can anyone please enlighten me how to make this work? I have been using MS Expression Web til now ... when I got tired of it and I am not up to speed with Dreamweaver yet.


      Thanks for any suggestions!