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    bad sound quality when recording to flash media server

      Hi folks,

      We're experiencing sound quality problems when recording from a flex application to a flash media server. We've mostly managed to fiddle with the video's picture quality - that one's fine. But lately we've noticed that sometimes (and we're not yet sure if we can limit it to a particular combination of OS and Browser) the audio quality of the recorded video is rather murky, clowdy. It's not too low in volume, it's rather that it's difficult to understand what was said in the recording.

      We'd very much appreciate ANY idea on this!
      * did you see similar problems?
      * could it be an OS/Browser issue? which one?
      * anything configurable in the client like 'gain' that could improve this?
      * or could it be a server-side configuration of the media server?

      Any idea is very much appreciated,