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    Activate Hyperlink on Other Pages


      1. For InDesign CS5.5. I assigned at the footer a hyperlink for a web address on the master page. After exporting the file to PDF (Interactive), I found that the link works on the first page but not on any of the other pages. The only way to get the web link to work on other pages is to detach it from the master page, page by page.


      Is there a way to have the web link active on all the pages without detaching?


      2. Also, when I export the file as a flash file, the file opens up in a browser. When I click on the web link, the Adobe Flash Player Security window pops up. I click on the settings button as instructed. I am trying to figure out how to tell Flash Player that it is okay to open up the web link. So far I have tried adding the URL to the "Local Storage Setting by Site" and restarting the browser. I am still get the Flash Player Security window.