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    Announce: Sonar 3.1 Delivers Global Dashboards, Unit Test Inspection and Single Sign-On

    Age of Peers

      The latest release of the open source Sonar platform for continuous inspection of code quality includes new functionality for better detection of quality issues and deeper enterprise integration. In addition to allowing complete home page customization through global dashboards, it also supports inspection of Unit Tests and enforcement of common coding standards for easier Unit Test maintenance.


      Sonar 3.1 also streamlines enterprise workflows by allowing users to directly create JIRA tickets from Sonar violations, and enables Single Sign-On with support for OpenID and CAS. In total, version 3.1 of the Sonar platform includes more than 50 improvements and bug fixes while maintaining compatibility with all existing plugins.


      To read more about the new features and get the latest release, visit http://www.sonarsource.com/3-1.