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    Pantone colours


      Hi All. I have an image which opens in illustrator and has an RGB preview.

      I need to print in CMYK, but when I convert the colours add strange percentages to the colour ie 17.65% etc.

      The image has a set colour Pantone in a separate sheet, but bares no resemblance to the breakdown colour.

      If I put the Pantone colour into Photoshop and Illustrator I get slightly different CMYK breakdowns.

      How do I know which program is giving me the correct breakdown and is there a quick way of linking everything up so we are singing off the same hymn sheet?


      For instance


      Pantone Hexachrome Black M in PS CS5 is C74/M58/Y58/B57


      Pantone Hexachrome Black M in iLL CS5 is C1/M1/Y/B100


      Have I set something up wrong?



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          This is what you should be doing.


          The color settings in both programs should be the same.


          the origianl should be converted to cmyk and you should be adding the spot colors once you have converted the image to cmyk. I make a note here you should probably add the spot color in Illustrator. ( id not recall a reason why one would create a shape that requires a spot color that needed to be added to thte image itself the only reason I know that one would use a spot color within an image file is if the it was a monotone, duotone, tritone etc image.


          But that is besides the point


          you should have the image in CMYK mode once you decide to use it for print and then apply any spot colors to it. Bad idea to do this in RGB and the convert to CMYK.


          then you should of course make certain when placing it in Illustrator you are placing it in a CMYK Illustraotr document and make certain it has the same profile as the image. If the color settings are the same then it should be the case but double check.


          then things will be as they should be.


          But once you have a mismatched profile egtting things to match are not going to be easy so make sure from the start.

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            malic22 Level 1

            I've set both programs to the same colour space. But they are still giving my different breakdowns on the colour settings;

            Pantone Hexachrome Black M for example.


            The document has come to me with RGB preview but all colours have been converted to CMYK.

            I guess it's too late to worry about the Pantone values?

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              MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              How were the colors created, using hexvector? See this document, page 8 especially.


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                emil emil Level 4

                underthefloorboards wrote:



                Pantone Hexachrome Black M in PS CS5 is C74/M58/Y58/B57


                Can you please describe step by step what you do in Photoshop to get these CMYK values from Pantone Hexachrome Black M?

                1. What is the color mode of the document, as shown in the title bar of the document window next to the document name?

                2. What is the color space (profile) of the document as shown in the lower left corner of the document window when the popup menu there is set to Document Profile?

                3. What is the working color space for the color mode of the document as set in the Working Spaces section in the Color Settings?


                Please answer the same questions 1, 2, 3 for Illustrator.

                underthefloorboards wrote:


                Pantone Hexachrome Black M in iLL CS5 is C1/M1/Y/B100...

                This is the book values for this Pantone color in Illustrator. Photoshop is using only LAB values for the conversion which is based on appearance and gives different numbers. To do the same in Illustrator, from the menu of the swatches panel choose Spot Colors... and choose LAB for the conversion.

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                  malic22 Level 1

                  Mike, thanks for the link I will download that and give it a read.

                  Emil, this is all getting confusing! Both are CMYK documents set to Euro Standard 2 except I have tcked all the colour profile mismatches boxes:






                  Has it something to do with the bit that says Unsynchronised warning on the ILL image?


                  Which one is converting it correctly?


                  And does Pantone 7404 M stand for Pantone solid matte?


                  Sorry for all the questions!!



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                    emil emil Level 4

                    Everything seems normal. Photoshop and Illustrator when set to use Lab for the conversion translate the values from lab to the color space of your document in your case it is the Euro Standard 2. Do not use the book value in Illustrator for this purpose - it is based on a general direction and is not based on any specific substrate. Basically these values are for on screen representation when printing with pantone inks and not something reliable for finding the closest CMYK match for printing. The closest match depends on the color space of the printer.


                    yes, the letter M means matte