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    Form Look


      How do i add and place a 2nd field on the same line?




      How do I set it up so all the completed form (and fields) are on the same page when printed?



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          Todd Rein Level 3



          You can not make multiple fields appear on the same line.  This is something we are working on and will be available in an upcoming release.


          One thing you can do to make fields take up less space is to change the label position setting.  By default field labels are placed above the fields.  You can change it so they are placed to the left of the field.  You can change this via the comobox in the toolbar, where it says "Labels on Top", click that, and there's another setting "Labels left"




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            RandySwineford Adobe Employee

            We now support multiple fields on one line. This post provides a brief overview.


            Give it a try and send us your feedback.


            Sorry it took so long.