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    Missing images after renaming the images folder




      We have a huge RH9 project with almost 500 images. Everything was going fine until we noticed that the name of images folder (XXXXX_files) as shown in the Windows Explorer was too long  and we renamed it.


      Now, immediately the images disappeared from the topics and showed only the place holders.


      When I right-click the image and go to Image Properties, I see that it is still referring to the old folder name. I can change the folder name here and get the image back. However, is there a way I change this globally? Or else, please suggest an alternative solution where we don't have to revisit all the images individually to get them back.


      I also don't see any images under the Image folder (even after I get them back in couple of topics) in the Project Manager pod. Is that an issue?


      Thanks for your help. Please let me know if you would need any additional information.